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About Oryza

The name ‘Oryza’ (rice) is an ode to the rice fields surrounding the six tranquil holiday homes in this gated community in Siolim. The homes, being a short stroll away from the Chapora river and having picturesque views of paddy fields, seek design inspiration from the surrounding nature to conjure truly meditative spaces that allow dwellers to unwind and experience a relaxation of the highest form.

Architecture & Landscape

Drawing from the rudiments of Australian architecture, Oryza features inward-looking ‘L’ shaped villas that overlook the private garden and pool areas from within the homes. The façade makes use of linear forms and clean lines to make a contemporary entry statement. The large cantilever, vertical louvres in the front, louvered arches on the sides and the Georgian bar windows define the homes’ character. Each villa comes with three bedrooms and an attic, spread across the ground + two storeys. The open plan design on the ground floor strengthens a connection between the living-dining-kitchen areas. The living area features a sunken lounge that allows dwellers to be at eye-level with the pool and garden while also enabling a barrier-free view of the outside from across the floor. This combined with the acute double-pitched roofs and large windows creates a sense of spaciousness within the homes.


The landscape design at Oryza has weaved itself within the architecture, interiors and surrounding nature to forge a bond between these elements. The villas spread across a plot area of approximately 2900 sqm get nearly 60% of open areas, which includes the pool, garden and parking spaces. The purposefully chosen structured plantations across Oryza soothe the eyes. The designs make subtle use of curved elements such as the niche seating in the garden area of the villas, the outdoor shower with an arch design, the curved planter box at the edge of every pool, the rounded pebbles and the stepping stones laid beside the pool. These elements blend with other aesthetics to bring a sense of cohesion across Oryza and supplement the feeling of tranquility and softness.


The zen state inside our homes results from an amalgamation of textures, materials and tones derived from natural elements. We have used a controlled monochromatic palette that allows the spaces to connect seamlessly. Despite the mono-tonal approach, every room is made distinctive through the design elements. To complement this, we have also used curves across spaces to accentuate the feeling of softness and derive a calming effect. With this strategically planned design, Oryza offers a pure coastal living experience that conjures the ideal place of escape once inside.