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Jaglax Homes has been building breathtaking holiday homes in Goa since 2017. So far, we have built 15 luxury homes with 10 more in the pipeline. Our process starts with selecting clearly titled land parcels and ends with our in-house team carefully arranging the silverware on your table. In other words, we bring a home to life in its entirety. 


Drawing from the minimalist coastal architecture in Australia and fresh-faced Scandinavian aesthetics, each house is a result of expert craftsmanship, detailing and wholehearted attention. Set amidst picturesque foliage, our homes offer unmatched privacy and calm, that bring you closer to undisturbed nature, tropical sunshine and the coastal breeze. 


The heart and soul put into building our homes is matched by our adept and caring hospitality team that offers rental management solutions in a resort-like setting, making every Jaglax home a wise investment for a homeowner and a haven for a holidayer.

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